Site Help & FAQ

  1. Can you provide solutions to homework problems?

    No, the solutions are omitted so that instructors can assign them without their students having access to the solutions. However, the worked examples in the lecture notes are frequently helpful in solving the homework problems

  2. How do I download information from the site?

    You can download each lesson and homework directly from the page.

  3. What formats are used to display the lecture notes and homework problems?

    Lecture Notes and HW Assignments are PDFs of Word documents

  4. How were the graphs on the site generated?

    Most of the graphs were done with either Desmos or GeoGebra.

  5. If one is reproducing any information from this site, how should it be cited?
    Author: Richard Klotz, Ph.D.
    Website: Undergraduate/Masters Math Lectures and Assignments
    Course: Calculus 1
    Section Name/Pages: The Chain Rule/pp. 4-5